Commission Self Portrait

The Commission Process

Blog # 4 Part 1 “Commissions” Occasionally in life the opportunity to take on a massive project, task or assignment presents itself. At first glance the challenge can feel both exhilarating and yet simultaneously daunting. On November 9th 2010, I signed

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Vibration Series "Green on Wood Right"

Vibration Series “Green on Wood Right”

Vibration Series "Green on Wood Left"

Vibration Series “Green on Wood Left”

Vibration Series "Grey on Grey"

Vibration Series “Grey on Grey”

Totem Pole 3000

Totem Pole 3000

Protein Series "MK Ultra"

Protein Series “MK Ultra”

Palm Series "Cash"

Palm Series “Cash”

Drizzle Series "Azul Diptych"

Drizzle Series “Azul Diptych”

Drizzle Series "Azul"

Drizzle Series “Azul”

Absolute Dependance

Absolute Dependance