PREDATORS The focal point of this chilling series is our planets natural predators. This series explores Mother Nature’s best assassins in an attempt to capture them in their most frightening. These deadly creatures kill to survive and protect, almost justifying their antagonistic behavior, but when Steven Michael O’Connor paints these combative creatures in their element he seems to discover an eerie calculation on the face of a piranha or the predisposition of a great white mid bite, literally painting them with a proclivity for unnecessary violence.

PROTEIN Inspired by electronic microscopic images of proteins, these pieces begin to explore what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. The series has begun to take a strong stance against the industrialization of American food, and how our society has ignored where our food comes from, how it is raised, handled, altered, transported and sold. The styles have radically changed since the inception of the series in the late 90’s however the message remains intact.

THR3′S This series is an abstraction of the idea that things happen in threes.

UNCIVIL The Uncivil Series from Steven Michael O’Connor deals with the stagnation of the Civil Rights movement. The series often display powerful text from Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches about the problems that America faced during the sixties and is still dealing with daily.

VIBRATION Steven Michael O’Connor’s Vibration series presents an innovative visual interpretation of words. Every word is just a vibration until meaning is attached to it in the human brain. This series explores the connection between the vibration of sounds in motion and the meaning associated with the word they represent. Steven Michael O’Connor combines crisp lines with emotive drips to express the image of the meaning behind vibration. Every piece is Steven Michael O’Connor’s visual interpretation of a specific word in vibration form. The word that the artist has chosen to represent is unique to each piece and is only revealed to whomever purchases the painting. The series, thus far, is comprised of ten different styles.

WHEN THESE WORLDS COLLIDE These pieces are aesthetically beautiful images of contention. Each piece is a challenge for the artist to make the struggle beautiful; making light of the endeavor of war by using pastels and atypical ‘soft’ colors to depict brutality. The main goal is to point out the absurdity in the fact that nations are constantly pointing nuclear missiles at each other and that the idea of mutual destruction is acceptable.

One Response to: The Series’

  1. Alison Cave says:

    Hi Steven
    hope yu are well we met you at a fair in Beverly `hills in `may and you gave us your card I like the negative series but the artowrk needs to be vertical with size 186 cm tall x 126 cm wide
    I would also need to change the colours to match the interiors etc
    How long will it take to complete and how much will it be for a work of this size
    kind regards Alison Cave

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